The saying that the voice of the people is the voice of God is a lie

– (David Kojo Amoah).

This reminds of my first semester in University in the year 2012. My roommates and I, as well as every other Fresher in KNUST were hyped up for matriculation. We made sure we had our best clothing from our wardrobe on to partake in this annual ceremony that formally welcomes all Freshers as students of the University. My roommates and I, as well as some friends from our various High Schools stepped out together for the allocated site of the ceremony only to realize every entrance that leads either into or outside the hall (Unity Hall) had been blocked by the continuing students (a.k.a. custodians of the Hall).

To cut to the chase… we missed our Matriculation and had to face withdrawal threats from the Authorities of the University. Our day of joy ended up as a day of sorrow for most of the freshers in Unity Hall (except the Hard core students of course). The story was reported on most social Medias and can be found here. One of the lecturers (Mr. Bakang) said to us; The fact that you are in the University means you are matured enough and also responsible for your actions as well the consequences of your actions whether it was influenced/caused by an external party or it was made from a personal choice… The consequence still comes back to you. On that day, I learnt what it means to take charge of your life. I remember watching one of my roommates pull out his High school textbook; sits down behind the table and begins cramming for a re-sit. Hilarious right…😂😂😂😂

The truth is that every individual is responsible for his/her life as well as their actions whether it was done willingly or under blackmail. The fact that we all are creatures with the capacity to will and make choices out of a set alternatives makes no an exception to this rule. Thus not only Adam was punished for eating the forbidden fruit but his wife Eve and the serpent as well. Each person was judged to the measure of his/her accountability and choice (independent from the other). No excuses were accepted. We came as individuals, thus we will be assessed as individuals; thus whatever each one has to do whatever it takes to meet the standard that has been set for him or her.

Similarly I believe the Christian walk can be likened to the experience I shared above. Though the Kingdom of God is one Huge family, it is much individual focused than on the general mass. When the Israelites started messing around, God didn’t look for everyone but one man to stand in the gap [Ezekiel 22:30]. I believe God deals with us on a much personal level than we’ve ever dreamed or thought of. Jesus Christ came to die so that we can build a personal fellowship with Father in Heaven and not so that we can just meet inside a building called church every Sunday to worship God once a week. The need for church is there but we need to get the foundations straight before we start building least everything comes crumbling down when the strong winds howl. Always remember that every strong foundation is built on Jesus Christ [1 Corinthians 3:11]. If you desire to be a true Christian… first start by knowing and desiring Christ Jesus (for through that you build a stronger foundation) as the Holy Spirit will be there always to push on only if you don’t give up on God because God never gives up on man… He is ever faithful.


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