Part Two


Do you need to be in the right church in order to be a Christian?  Do you need  to have your Pastor or Spiritual Leader as a Heavenly Saint  before you can be a real or better more – an authentic Christian? I’ve heard some churches (Not mentioning Names though) proclaiming themselves as the true church and all others (esp. the orthodox churches) as either pagan or lost. Thus I ask such people – “Do they mean that all Catholics are DOOMED for HELL and none has ever made it to Heaven”? I believe that answer is a BIG NO!

Like i said before in the first Chapter, Jesus came to die for you [Personally pronoun] that you can reconcile back to the Father. The Christian is the one who believes in Jesus and has made Him the Lord and Personal Saviour of his life. If you exist outside that phenomenon, you have no right to call yourself a Christian: You are just a counterfeit Christian. However, it doesn’t end there because there’s a lot to being a Christian. How is it that Paul will state in Philippians 2:12 that our salvation should be worked out with fear and trembling?

When you decide to be a Christian and hence give your life to Christ, always remember that your journey just begun. Have you not wondered why Paul would write in Philippians 3:10 -That I may know HIM? It creates an emphasis that there’s a lot to our walk with Christ than what meets the eye. How much do you know Jesus? How close is He to you or better still, are you to HIM? The answer lies in your ball court.

To summarize all my thoughts into one paragraph I would say that until you into the Christian who is firmly rooted in God or Christ Jesus: where it is not about the church you attend or it’s traditions and customs, your friends and family – you are just kidding. The term Christian can be an Identity or a Fashion WardRobe (It’s a clothe you put on to make you look good in reality, it’s not you). The true Christian always stands naked before the Elohim in order to be clothed. Their righteousness is endowed and not from within.


In Conclusion: It is my prayer that you go beyond the normal Christian living to a much personal relationship. The Christian you’re to be is one that is called first to God and Him only. All other things are minor priorities. You need HIM more than the oxygen you breathe. Remember that on the day of accountability… Your excuse won’t be enough!!


I pray this song speaks to your Heart – That the Holy Spirit would guide you on your journey to the cross.

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