An oral based love is as a shattered ceramic : it’s just USELESS



There’s a great magnitude to the love of God. HIS love creates a craving of a relationship which is both Fresh and New always


“Don’t misread or despise GOD’s silence. Don’t assume that because HE is not doing what you need done, HE is not doing anything” – Blaine Allen

Self Discovery

“Unless you start being and develop the person that you are (the real you) and not the one with the mask (copycats), you’ll never get to discover your full potentials because you’ll always be looking at the dust in the winds for the gold instead of digging deep into the unexplored grounds of yourself.” Krampxnotes

100% Functionality

“Unless application softwares are installed unto a personal computer, it fails to operate anymore than what it already has irrespective of it’s high processing and utility abilities: so also is it that unless we fill our very being with the Godly wisdom daily, we cease to operate and function fully as our Designer(GOD) created us…

The Disciple

And therefore Jesus said Go ye out unto all Nations and make Disciples He never said that it will be easy But Assured us verily of one thing; “I am with you always” Thus the great commission was established. The Great Commission?? A High Level A mission assigned unto “special Elite Forces” Carriers of ailment…

The Race

Each of us has a race to run and their own distinct purpose/course (terms and conditions apply). God deals with us individually. We must not allow what is happening to somebody to affect us. in Life, it’s not those who start who make it but those who run their race diligently…

Life’s Essence

“A life which does not question it’s essence is not worth living”

Need for God

“A well defined Mathematical equation of a Man (His Life events, Nature, Interests, Dislikes, etc…) Minus the Influence of The CREATOR equals an embodiment of a Ghost in skin tissues; A walking dead”