A country of Blind men… only
Like the fierce amazons in Greek mythology who lived in the exclusion of men!
So it’s like this…
The only way to become a citizen is to plug your eyes out
And embrace darkness for eternity
Never to see the Light again  Ever!

I wonder…
Is such a country safe to live in?
And will such country stand strong if an enemy seeks to devour them
Who would look out for whom in times of trouble…?
But what more important is this…
Is anyone willing to pluck their eyes out for such country ?
Yet, is it not ironic that that’s the very path most of us have taken?

A person that lives with lies – is a person who lives in darkness
No wonder the Father of all lies is the same who reigns as the prince of darkness
For our Father in heaven is not a God of confusion – A God of partial truths
He sees White as white and Black as black
That’s why He says that I’ll rather want that you’re hot or cold
For the Lukewarm person will I spew out of my mouth because he DISGUSTS Me
So let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.

And since this has been brought up; let’s talk about lies.
There are many definitions of lies but these two are prominent;
1. A statement or occurrence that deviates from the truth
2. An untruth or a partial truth that is being told with intent to deceive
Thus to the married couples and all singles who are in relationships;
If your partner decides to tell you some truth and leave some out;  it’s a lie
And if the church decides to keep silent over some issues in order to sound logical…
We’ll be building the Kingdom of God with LIES.

A Kingdom without truth is this;
A place where acclaimed men of God will willingly do anything for money
Where the body of Christ wage amongst themselves on denominational authenticity
Where Christians are content with just Sunday sermons
A place where the children of God are not pushed to know God for themselves
When the church is more logically in-tuned than spiritually in-tuned
When other seemingly important things are prioritized over our primary mission

It’s not the denominational traditions that matter but our focus on Christ.
For HE is the way, the truth and the Life;
No one comes through the Father except through HIM
If we say we are, then let’s act as the Kingdom of Light …
Where nothing is hidden or twisted
For its amazing how deep we can fall into the pits of lies
With our eyes tweaked into a virtual reality where we see darkness as Light
Unconsciously building something that looks like the Kingdom of God but it is not

But it is better late than never thus…
Until we wake up from our slumber with an insatiable desire to know Christ
Until we sets our priorities right and pursue that which is true
Until we seek to address the problem from its source
Until we all take up our crosses and be our brother’s keepers in LOVE
With Christ being what matters most to us than any other thing
We are just a blind group of people building a Kingdom full of lies


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