I’m yet to come across an individual who still needs the manual of a product he/she bought about 3 years ago to perform the basic functions of the gadget. In the same manner, it is quite rare (almost impossible) to come across a human being who takes a single day to unravel the mystery behind a technology he’s absolutely new to (in other words, it took him 24 hours to become an expert).

My mother got a new Infinix Note not long ago (less than a year though). Truth be told, she is not familiar with the technology at all as she is used to using java and symbian mobile phones. She desires to learn the use of the Smartphone and thus seeks that I stand in as her technology facilitator. The irony of the issue is that it is on such times that I wish that it was possible to escape into thin air. Don’t get me wrong: it is not like I’m being stubborn or disobedient.  The truth is that she is quite overzealous in learning the use of the Smartphone. She would mostly call upon my name and go like “Krampah, teach me how to Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, use my Google mail and all the other things you guys do with your phone. It is now and NOW!

Most often than not, you will find me wondering how I’m going to effectively teach my old lady all the things mentioned above when she’s yet to grasp the building-block skills to swipe on the Infinix, locate an installed application and locate the right application for the specific purpose she wants to achieve. It is so dreadful (TRUST ME) especially because she is not used to our generational-technology system. We always have to start from level one everyday because she literally forgets everything the next time we are on it again. Are you like my mum?

Experience has taught me two things;

  • The manual of a product is as important as the product itself.
  • The user becomes a walking manual of the product after being acquainted with it for some time.

However, the manual is always there for backup. You might be wondering – what at all is Krampah driving at? What has your mum’s phone got to do with us? My message is very simple and it can be summarized as this – “If your foundation is not right, you will eventually crumble to pieces on one unfortunate day”. That which is mostly significant in our lives in hidden away from sight and recognition and can be liken to the Iceberg that drowned the Titanic. On most occurrences it not given much attention until the final moments when it is already too late to rectify a mistake or damage caused. What important thing are you overlooking in your life?

Conclusion: Rome was not built in one day and a professional doctor who needs a pamphlet in order to attend to his patient is no doctor. The Christian is like a building that is being constructed. If your foundation is not right then you’re surely going nowhere with your faith. At the same time, the Bible is not just meant for morning devotions and Church services or Evangelism. I believe one of the reasons for reading the Word of God daily is to have God’s WORD reflecting in us and through us unto a gloomy world. The Christian ought to be God’s manual to a caged or weak soul somewhere. I believe that it is when God’s WORD starts reflecting in your Life through the power of the Holy Ghost that your foundation becomes strengthened as God himself would be the one building you up unto HIS perfect works. A friend of mine, Eldad (you can check on his blog too) taught me one thing – “stability before speed”. Before you rush for the mightier things, first learn to be strengthened with the foundational things and virtues.

Discussion Questions

  • Is your Spiritual Life on the right foundation?
  • Are you a walking manual of God or you are that guy who still needs a manual to operate the basic functions of the iPhone he bought about 5 years ago like my mum?

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