Cloaked in rejection and humiliation
An island in a desolate world
Left for dead in a hole that’s being thrown into another
Sucked dry of his innocence

Loud screams sealed away in his brain
Embedded with pain and shame
Used and discarded as Frivolous
Served with fusty drinks in golden cups

Tales worse than that of the ugly duckling
Afflicted and bruised on every side
Slain mercilessly with the friendship- coated thorns
Left for prying scavengers

Laid on the tree as he pled for them tirelessly
His blood reached for his pursuers
A love that surpasses understanding and reasoning
Jesus is my glorious hero who surpasses all others

His suffering shines as light in my pain
Mine is like a water drop to HIS ocean-wide torture
Even the man who faced Lucifer’s torment rejoiced
Teach me to be better than even Job through your example


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