I admit that I’ve been thinking crazy quite lately. Crazy to the point that I fear being criticized by the church: to be looked upon as though I just descended from heaven with the cohorts of Lucifer’s army after the battle in heaven.

The truth is –“if a dormant seed is buried in the most fertile and productive soil (given all the necessary conditions, i.e. there has been a land preparation to treat the soil and prepare it for production with the best irrigation and drainage system as well as fertilizer application), give it all the time and expenses you can gather and in the end you won’t need a King Solomon teach you wisdom. The results will be the same as the person who just buried the seed and left it under the mercy of nature or the man who never bothered to plant the seed at all because he was either wise or too lazy. I don’t know which is which though. It’s like asking a blind man to tell you how good you look in your attire. It appears crazy right?

Every person who has knowledge in agriculture will boldly tell you this truth – “until the dormant seed has been treated to cure the seed of its dormancy, none of the germination factors are going to prove useful. In the same manner if a Christian does not establish or possess a real relationship with Christ Jesus, then he’s missing everything like a dormant seed in the soil (He will eventually rot to death whiles in the presence of the source of life). Most churches/denominations today can be likened to garden soils: based on the level of truth or belief in Christ Jesus and God’s Word that is established in the denomination, it’s fertility level can either be high or very low (No doubts about that).

However the individual can make the difference aside all variables. Your church might be the best of the best with the saturated presence of the Holy Spirit, yet if you are not inclined to Jesus Christ – forget it. It might be claimed as the worst of them all and probably, you’ve had other Christians from certain denominations calling you an idol worshipper, the truth is that even in the darkest places, it is them that search and thirst for God’s presence that find him. If you are just flowing with the Crowd, then forget it. You are just one dormant seed in a hard pan soil. The situations might be good or bad, you may have things being in your favor or against you, the journey might seem hard or easy and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, if in all this, you don’t have Christ (i.e. not intimate with God) then you still remain the dormant seed which has not been treated for germination.

Conclusion: Always remember that we are first called into Christ and through HIM we connect with God, with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is a calling that exceeds just Bible knowledge, a calling that exceeds pretense, a calling that exceeds the normal Christian life, a calling that exceeds religion and church traditions to the extent that I’ll boldly say that it is a calling that exceeds SELF and everything you can think of.Make a difference today and start developing a personal relationship a personal relationship with Christ. Desire to know Christ on a different level than the normal life you learnt to live whiles growing up. Get personal and stop following the crowd. Start acting with both reason and purpose (with your eyes fixed on the prize) as you honestly desire the buildup of Christ in you.


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