Imagine the realities of the past
When the scrolls were locked up within the four corners of the Holy Temple
Only to be unveil and read at the synagogue
Hounded by the Priests and Pharisees while they hold their heads up high
Flaunting their righteousness like the bluffing peacock… [I wonder]

How were Peter and Paul, James and John able to live lives worthy unto GOD?
Oh oh oh… That generation is too close to this 21st Century
At least the son of man had descended down and hanged on a tree
Let’s dig further and scroll down pages of time
To the times when Man was yet to experience God’s Grace

The cursed man who wouldn’t accept his faults to his three friends
The frail old man who just struggled a boy out of his loins
The ambitious boy who always stood high above his brothers in his dreams
Even the prophet who couldn’t keep his mouth shut in the well pit
And the Just King who just couldn’t keep his underwear on

Job – the just and perfect man who withstood the raw fire of the devil
Abraham – The man who’s unyielding loyalty earned him the father of Faith
Joseph – The dreamer who became the savior of Israel and Egypt
Jeremiah – The fearless Prophet of truth
David – The man after God’s Heart

Have you ever wondered how they were able to make it?
Job had no Jesus, no Grace, no Bible yet attained perfection
Yet you try to convince me of with your “to err is human” philosophies
I thought Jesus announced that latter shall be greater than the former
Or perhaps we misunderstood when God described as His Letter in 2 Corinthians 3:3

So the question tonight is… Where do you hold God’s Word?
Is it found only in the inked leaflets of the Holy Bible or under the depths of your heart?
Where God becomes more realistic to you than the oxygen you breathe
Reflecting from the inner man to the outside world
A Light that is set upon a mountain

To everything under the sun are seasons and times
There’s a time to be born and a time to die
A time to sow and a time to reap
However, what are you using your time for in this season?
And when The Master arrives, will you be ready?


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