Is it not quite awesome to know all the amazing verses in the Bible like Romans 8:31, Psalm 46:1 Psalm 91:7,  1 John 4:4 and Romans 8:28  yet whenever we run into trying moments our minds either deletes these verses automatically or The Word of GOD suddenly loses it’s power on us. Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve been there before and after it is all over i ask myself the question “Do I really believe in what those verses meant or what the Word of God say”?

Lately I’ve grown to obtain a nagging Woman in my life who is always talking about how her enemies (Some from her extended family, our nuclear family, workplaces, church, etc) are always plotting death for her that she dies. She oftens stress on me to pray against death, that it should backfire to whoever it is that might be possibly doing voodoo (or something i have no idea of) against her. Truth is, I find it pretty boring, worthless and tiresome.

I look in the Bible, find somebody like Job and all i can see is a Man who is so focus on God that he is virtually lost in HIM. He made it even seem as though the devil did not exist. He was seeing God even in his pain. Is it even possible? Well, Job confirmed to me, to you and to us all that we can be perfect in God’s eyes as a man if Jesus Christ is too much a standard for you to catch up to.

A man of God whom I cherish so much (George Dokosi) once said if you flow in God’s plan, you will learn to stop trying to figure how everything will work together for your good. I agree with him totally and I hope you do as well. The faith and Grace walk that Christianity is about is one that stresses on focusing entirely on God that all other things seem as though they do not exist. If my enemy wants me dead and God wants me alive, what say do they have?

I’m not saying stop praying, become lukewarm or stop being spiritually alert. What I’m saying is that  LEARN TO FIX YOUR EYES ON GOD AND GOD ALONE – Not on your sin (He catered for that on the cross), not on your enemies (They are like ants before the Father) and definitely not on Satan and his devils (God didn’t need to get off HIS throne to sack them from hell; he needed someone lesser than Lucifer – Michael). Learn to believe for one who falls in the day of trials did not really believe.


Here is a song by Travis Greene which I believe would help you. When you know God has your back, you can run the race without looking back; there is no better strategist than the ELOHIM.
Intentional – Travis Greene

God bless you for Reading.


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