If the Christian is a follower of Christ
Bearing the same cross as the disciple of Jesus Christ
Then why is the world so dirty and dark
Where are the lights?

We read the Bible, pray and go to church at least every Sundays
When did we lose our way?
Why can’t the Christian be differentiated from the rest of the world?
When did the Christian become a chameleon?

[This is where it all begun]

When we picked our egos and will-power
When we drifted away from HIS counsel to ourselves
When Christianity became more legalistic than a relationship
It all started when we lost the truth about GOD

Till we gird our loins and run back to the cross
Allowing our will to be broken and our egos crushed
Separated unto God through Christ Jesus
Until then, we remain less the Christian we think we are

Three times he asked Peter the same question
To Love God is to know HIM and make Him known
Your denominational church can never create a Christian
But the true Christian is found in GOD


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