broken judge hammer
broken wooden hammer, Our judgement is sealed in Christ Jesus

Redeemed…! Redeemed!
The Heavens cry out Redeemed
Salvation is come unto man: the enemy is defeated
Man is redeemed!
As the Heavens collides with the Earth in this season
We remember, the day that Grace was unleashed
The day that He who rose from the dead
Defeated the devil and took the keys of hell

But the story travels far beyond that
So in what may seemed like a few minute
Allow me to reintroduce you to the exegesis of man history
Back to the Garden of Eden when God created man
When the sun, moon, stars, and the birds of the sky…
The fishes in the seas, the animals that thread upon the surface of the earth
Each in their own design leapt out of the energy of HIS voice
Have you wondered?
That the reason the earth was made was because of man

Man was made God
Maybe you didn’t hear what I said
Man was made God
The God of the earth… We were made to connect the world and its beauty to Worship
When the birds dance through the air tweeting…
The Lion and the Sheep join together as one…
When the fishes jump out of waters and dance
Proclaiming Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy are you Lord God Almighty

As much as it saddens my heart to say
Our blissful story was short-lived
Man’s Lust for God’s Wisdom made him, made us reject HIM
A tasty bite of a fruit forbidden lead us straight into the Forbidden Kingdom
And on that day Man broke God’s Heart
Virtually ripping it apart into two
Ironically… man traded Wisdom for Folly: Divinity for an ordinary life filled with Vanity
The day that man made the enemy the Prince of this World

God had every reason to wipe out man entirely from the surface of the earth
And with His power and might
HE could have reduced Man…
He could have rained down his wrath and reduced us to nothing
But HE still loved us…
We break his heart everyday with sin
Yet He never stopped loving us
With all power and all love God came down to us
Frail, unimpressive, poor and young
He wrapped himself inside our curse and met us in our hurts

So when Jesus Christ hang on the cross
HIS body going through excruciating pain
Blood dripping down his face and his sides
When the skies looked black and all hopes felt lost
The enemy thought he had won…
But little did he know
It was part of God’s perfect plan to reconcile man back to his presence
That by Grace we may once more ascend back to our place with Him
Can you hear the shout of victory?
Redeemed…! Redeemed!
The Heavens cry out Redeemed
Salvation is come unto man: the enemy is defeated
Man is redeemed!

I think that when it comes down to it we’ve been asking the wrong questions
Appealing to assume the emotions and senses
Blocking out the real truth
I think the real question is…
What’s is man?
We are protoplasm
We are chemical reactions
We are closed ecosystems
We are overgrown primates with egos
We are imitations of the Most High: created in HIS very image and likeness

How many times, do you have to be told?
How many times, do you have to be told that we’re more than chemical reactions?
A thousand years is a day to the Elohim
Yes, before God our lives are just but a 75 milliseconds long: Less than a second
It may seem worthless and invisible
Yet it was worth the son of God stripping off HIS glory that we may be saved

Redeemed…! Redeemed!
The Heavens cry out Redeemed
Salvation is come unto man: the enemy is defeated
Man is redeemed!
He who believe in Christ Jesus is redeemed and saved
The cross is still calling out today
We live in a Vendetta
A long time war between two forces
You are either on one side by default
Or you could make a choice today and pick the Cross
And your story can become His story
When you make God the author of your story
He will say when it is finished


“The sky is black. All hope looks lost. Their dreams have died. It seems that nothing good will ever come from this. “To them, this day, Good Friday, is the darkest day they’ve ever known. “But the one thing that they do not know is . . . Easter is coming.”
God Is Not Finished


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