walking in love

Help me…! Help Me…!
The thoughts of the dying man
His screams shadowed in silence
Even as he desperately attempts in what seems like a battle
“If only someone can see my pain…”
“If only somebody would be kind enough to lend a helping hand…”

In our quest for righteousness sometimes we forget
The key to eternal life without which lose what we seek for
Clouded by our natural sense of judgments…
Probably because we are too clean to deal with dirt…
Never stooping to their level
But selfish in our thoughts and actions

We perish thinking ignorance is bliss
Underrating love to just a feeling; a strong liking for someone
A moment of breathlessness and excitement
A feeling that is earned, made only for those we consider worthy enough
Mounting “Out of Bounds” barricades to all outside our circles
But does that not make more or less like the world we were saved from

I’m not here to condemn nor pull strings to your guilty consciences
Just trying to make it straight cuz it’s sideways
To say you can’t love someone is to deny your Identity in whom you seek for
The Elohim, Originator of the element we so easily abuse
Who’s DNA we bear in our spiritual bodies as proof
We claim hold of Love yet what we exhibit are just counterfeit copies

But Love is more easily experienced when it stands tested than defined
It is nurtured and grown like a flower least it dies out
It’s the very nature of the God that pushes us to value others
Regardless of their qualifications, social prestige and statuses
It’s none other than the Agape Love we’ve been given as heirs to the Elohim
Spiritual physicians we are: sent to save the souls with the power of Love

The time has come for us to change our status
We have been called unto the greatest commandment
To give back what has been deposited
From the center of our hearts solely based choice and commitment
So we eat, we live, we breathe, we give, and we even sweat love…
For by this would the world know, that we are the children of the most High God


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