Man lives in a fast food Reality
Barely is there time for ourselves: Our souls
Our dreams wide but minute
A good marriage, an amazing family, a good job and Finances?
Is that all to the purpose of man?
Does our life worth more than the instinct to survive?

The world is in a state of entropy
Like Chinua Achebe’s “Things fall apart”
Like stale bread it wears off the essence of purity
Our Hope tanks left empty and dry
Man is in crisis but our vision too hazy to see

God does not exist they say
After all we’ve searched the entire galaxies
Heaven and Hell are not real they added
It’s just a myth that exists to keep the world in shape
Jesus is not coming any sooner…
The Anti-Christ is not unveiled so therefore more time…

But I object… I object that the truth is relative and my property
No amount of Ignorance can burn it to crisp
I object… I object to the endless murmurs of the Big Bang Theory
It’s just a theory that can’t prove itself but rather beat about the bush
I object… I object creature claiming to know better than Creator
Our scope of knowledge is but a dot in space

Every beginning has an end
And a day is coming when the Creator will appear again
But I’m yet to find a calendar with a date for eternity
Predicting the end is just like putting a bandage on cancer
Possibilities…   Endless!!
But then the question is how prepared are you?

Cautions from the Holy Book for the Ignorant
Get impregnated with falsehood and the truth will become impossible to conceive
Prepare yourself halfway and you will surely be miss feast [the five foolish virgins]
Pieces of silver do not impress HIM; you can ask Judas and he’ll tell you
What’s buried under your to-do-List?
The day draws near when all shall give an account

So these I word to you out there
That I’ll rather be an outcast today than be a cast out when HE appears
For I am the “Pu-pu” to God’s Heart
You are the “Pu-pu” to God’s Heart
We are the “Pu-pu” to God’s Heart
But this is your life and it’s something I can’t impose on
The clock’s ticking and the time draws near

And please believe me
It will not be easy
But I guarantee thee
That you will never live to regret this
Our afflictions eclipsed in Glory
On the day HE shall appear


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