In the part of the planet where exist, comments such as this is very common to hear:
Most of the Christians these days are just hypocrites.
I am way better than the very ones who claim they go to church.
They appear with these HOLIER THAN THOU attitude inside the church or a gathering of the saints but their mirror reflections outside the four corners of the Holy Temple and their closets is ironically the opposite, etc

As I think of these infamous comments I remember a conversation I had with a brother some years back. He said, “I used to know of this lady in whiles in University. Her room was located on the same corridor as mine our Hostel. A Singer in one of our campus based fellowships who is claimed to make the Heavens descend whenever she mounts the Holy altar and takes the microphone…” The truth is that I was quite astonished at the kind of words and description given to this lady […that I felt like this is indeed an awesome servant of God]. I expected the rest of the story to be glorious but unfortunately my expectations were drowned when my brother continued saying “…this is the same lady whom my friends claim of having their fair share of the supposed hidden but now an open treasure without a NO TRESPASSING BAR. My view of church changed upon discovering the secret of this lady that I stopped fellowshipping on campus. The whole place is filled with HYPOCRITES!”
Have you in any way come across similar statements? If your answer is yes then I guess this is actually a great deal that the church ought to consider. Unfortunately this happens to be one of the times when most of just go straight to the point and start with “the blame-game”. Don’t get it twisted as though you are excluded from this seemingly fairy tale that I am talking about. The issue about Hypocrisy in the Church a wide topic to touch on but I prefer to deal with a section of it in this article. Richard Grant quotes that “The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” Another form of putting this statement in our scope of discussion would be: A Christian who has neither the full knowledge of who he or she is in Christ nor the magnitude of LOVE that GOD has for him is bound to be lukewarm in nature. This therefore gives me the impression that the issue of hypocrisy in the church has got a whole lot to do with the issue of identity [both in course and self].
The truth of the issue is that there is no way everybody will accept you as an absolute figure without fault. Even the person acclaimed as the man who never sinned throughout the History of mankind failed to be an anomaly to this phenomenon [John 15:18-20]. The world has its own standard of living thus it’s only evident it will retaliate against anything that conflicts with its laws and way of life. Nevertheless this is not an excuse for us to completely seal our ears off. Our duty and focus ought to be navigated towards God thus the more reason why we ought to re-examine our lives daily least we end up like the Pharisees [2 Corinthians 13:5]. I strongly believe that the issue of the cure for dealing with hypocrisy has to do with a continuous re-examining of our lives. The Apostle Paul puts it in another context as the renewal of our minds in Romans 12: 2. Thus let’s not be quick like the Pharisee to lift ourselves and point hands but rather humble ourselves like the tax collector [Luke 18:9-14] [Matthew 7:3-5]. I seek not to drag this issue but rather give you something small but very significant to ponder upon. Seek out the “value of identity of the Kingdom Life” and one way is by asking yourself the question why do I do what I do?


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