The Last Words


A long time ago, in a far away land
A powerful merchant lived across the hills
Renowned as the most influential, powerful and wisest of them all that ever lived
Yet His love knew no bounds
Such that His servants honored him as their father than their master

His majesty; glamour to behold
His wealth, sparkling as the radiance of the Sun
So vastly spread was his fame across nations…
That it touches the skin of the firmaments
An incomparable opposition he was; undisputed to the very core

He sought a journey with vague end
He summoned his cherished sons, such who used to be servants
Stewards He made of them, each over a property
Having dealt with every subject he bid farewell
His Last Words being; “I will be back!”

With the rising of the sun and it’s going down
Days turned into weeks which evolved to months
Years became like bleach on velvet material
Memories of the Master begun to fade in the hearts of many
Stewards assumed titles of ownership over that which the own not

Fertile Lands with harvest as gold were made junk sites
Elegant edifices became houses of harlots
Mismanagement at its glorious peak
A love story now a sting in a tale
The cherished Master taken for a dead man

Yet the Master comes in flesh as unto a thief
In the deepest of nights when no one expects
His feet as light as a feather
[Pause…] Can you hear his footsteps?
With keen excitement HE seeks to meet those he called his own

Even so Christ Jesus will descend will appear once again
Don’t get it twisted as though it this is a formulated myth
It could have been yesterday. Today or even tomorrow
But after all is said and done, the question is
Will you be found wanting upon his appearance?

A watchman that sleeps or slumbers is always at the mercy of the thief
Yet Christ comes like the thief in the deepest of nights
A partially prepared bride always misses the feast
It’s not about the records of our past
The end always justifies the means

I mean no harm but a caution built from love I give you
Gird your loins up; Awake from your slumber
Let’s live in Purity as though HE appears today
Loving HIS appearance being our ultimate goal
But then the choice is yours to decide


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