Between 2 Worlds

A Story untold
The tragedy of the Anomaly
A meal served Colorfully Packaged
Hidden Chapters of the tale foretold

A Sting in a tale
The Clash of the Titans
Endless wars in Never-land
Two opposing forces

Man and Beast made one
Spirit and Flesh in one soul
Heaven and Hell bound on Earth
The Makings of the Redeemed

Two desires, two cravings; two bodies
Two different entities with opposing characters
Saved yet vulnerable
The burden to carry

Behind the mask of Religion
Sins and weaknesses lie archived
Torn between two worlds they say
Yet the end always justify the means

Born again yet not Raptured
A new creation yet still a man
Seated in Heavenly places but still on earth
Between two worlds they say…

“My Grace is sufficient for you…”
“…In your weakness are you made strong” HE says
Direct my path oh Lord
Carry my soul away


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