A Test of Faith


An evil smile
A sinister Laughter
Grins on his face
A predator on his prey
An ancient cynic Ghost
The devil on my tail

Whips on my flesh
Blade on my throat
Captured in a world of Limbo
Cowering in a corner
Struck on the head with the hammer of pain
Hope shattered into pieces

Heart’s beating out of my Chest
Veins creeping out of my neck
A feeling of breathe zapped out of me
Steadily I loose my grip
I’m fading…
I want to let go but Lord Keep me

Tunes of whispers in my ear
The Accusations of the Enemy before the Throne
History repeating itself
Burn down this rope of doubt which binds me Lord
My neck creaks from the weight that I bear on my head
Steer my Heart Lord least I grow dimmer and dimmer…

The voice that mutes the roars of storms
The presence that haunts Legions
The bringer of peace, Love and Joy
Thus no matter what Life hails at me…
I’ll choose to be still
And know that YOU are GOD


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