A stretch of arms towards God is all we ever need to gain his attention

A stretch of arms towards God is all we ever need to gain his attention

Finally the time has come, it is now or never
You’ll never know how long I’ve waited this very moment
Every the tiny portion of my being screamed and jumped with excitement
Finally I have the chance, an opportunity to please GOD
Thus without hesitation I took on an advice a friend gave me
He said “you can only please GOD when you give your all
Define it in one word … “Sacrifice”
I thus set out to accomplish this quest without a hint of hesitation
For the journey I had long waited for lied straight ahead of me
But wait!!
Am I forgetting something…?
For though I was giving my all, something was not right
Though I was tirelessly building with all I got, one important element was absent
It was like building in sands in a stormy landmark.
The results being an absolute zero!
For everything kept crushing back to the ground with at the whisper of the winds
The enemy and defeat happily cruising over my failures as I gnashed my thirty-two teeth

Then it suddenly hit me
A sudden sharp jolt in my system, sending shivers in my being
As the truth suddenly veiled curtains of deception and hopelessness apart
Disfiguring it into particles so minute that they didn’t even fit as pieces of a jig-saw
So clear was it as I saw these very words “obedience is better than sacrifice.”
The salt in my meal that I had missed all these times rendering my quest tasteless
GOD never wanted a payback to begin with
It was never just about the magnitude of sacrifice
For GOD is so much complete HIMSELF
Not ever since His very existence has he had a need of something least he seize being perfect
His very existence being a mystery itself
Man on the other hand being creature being tossed into a state of oblivion
Thus the Elohim gave away CHRIST, his only begotten son
That through his death salvation be made freely for all men
As well as every promise and blessings he offered to man
Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the father except through me”

For without faith, no man can please the FATHER
So sincerely and desperately reaching out to GOD was;
Rehab the prostitute and Ruth the Moabite who both were not among the called people of GOD
Became the ancestors of our channel of salvation and hope; CHRIST Jesus,
Hannah the barren gave birth to seven children and
The nameless bleeding woman crossed thirty miles to touch the hem of CHRIST garment healed.
For GOD said in the very beginning; “be productive, multiply and dominate the earth.”
Thus every branch that fails to connect to the vine and produce WILL be cut off
It’s not just about giving your all but rather staying connected
Like Mary Magdalene who anointed the very feet of the savior; wiping it clean
Of its filth & dust with her very element of honor and the widow who gave an offering of two mites
For it was not about the act but the “heart and motives” behind the act
Touching GOD’s heart and magnetically attracting HIS attention to their deeds
Thus only with a consuming passion, not relying on our strength
But rather seeking his holy face in faith
His very WILL as the drive of our lives due our love for HIM
Not backing down ever that we be tempted to deny HIM
Least CHRIST denies us before the FATHER



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