The Thinker

Thinking is the amazing capacity GOD has given the human being to discover and observe the stuff of creation; to compare and contrast each of it’s parts, and when possible use them properly so as to reflect the glory of the creator. Thinkers see old things in new ways; they analyse hypotheses, separating out the true from the false. Thinkers sometimes describe old truths in new words and forms; they help others to see how applications to life can be made. Thinkers make bold decisions, help us see new visions and overcome obstacles in previously unseen ways.
These are not merely the exercises of the great and the brilliant. They are the task of everyone with a healthy mind. As with physical bodies, some of us may be stronger than others, but that does not relieve us the responsibility of using our bodies or our minds.

[Extract from “Ordering your Private World, Pg. 104~ Gordon McDonald]


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