Escape Hell?

In the beginning
God created the heaven and the earth
The earth was without form and was Void
Then God, the author of all Faith
Called forth things
that were not as though they were
With Chemical reactions occurring as
The smallest particles on earth were birthed
Atoms split and chemically bond to each other
Cells were created and nature became
As physically, water gave way to land
Trees sprout from the ground itself without seed
Mountains move and change bearing
All at the sound of the ELOHIM’s voice
Thus Creation found it’s Genesis

But WAIT!!
That’s not all there’s is to it
For in Genesis 1:26, God said
“let us make man in our image, after our likeness”
So as indicated in the chapter 2:7 of Genesis
God, the greatest artist that ever existed
In just 24 hours drew and sculptured man
From the largest organ which is the skin
To the smallest cell organelle i.e. Ribosomes
Thus throughout the Creation History
From the moment time existed till now
Something supernatural and unique happened
For the very first time ever
A creature with a unique purpose was birthed
A creature born for divine Fellowship

But as the scriptures connotes;
Something as Small as a bite of a fruit Changed…,
It changed the History of this divine creature called Man
For the second time the servant desired to be Master
Greediness crept into man’s heart so much that
Although He was perfect and never lacked anything…
Man lusted after God’s knowledge and power
So He walked blindly into the trap set before Him
Chains from nowhere clung the limbs of man
With a force worse than gravity called sin
Man was pulled away from the Glorious presence
The Heavenly presence of the Father was no more
Straight into the deep dark bottomless pit
With panic man screams out [“Save me Father (2X)!!!”]
But Man had lost God forever!!!

Or so it seem?
For God never gave up on You, on me, and us all…
So HE who’s never incomplete felt an emptiness…
A sacrifice greater than any being can imagine
So as the blood dripped down his face and skin
As His glorious face was disfigured beyond recognition
Even as He who was without Sin ever
Was traded for the worst criminal’s freedom
God in loosing His son won the best victory ever
Chains were broken, Captives set free…
God reconciled and reinstalled Man to his lost glory.
His lost glory?
Yes – glory of eternal fellowship(full of worship & Praise)
Singing along with the saints and hosts of Heaven..
Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord.

So the pathway is set…
It’s a matter of choices now
Two choices, Two places and nothing more.
Freedom awaits He who believes in the son
It does not end at being born again
Christ didn’t die to just create an escape route 4 man
But that He reconciles man back to the Father
A reconciliation of fellowship.
Right from re-birth to eternity
So must our priorities be fellowship or escape…
Escape from Hell…..??
God is not mocked nor a man that He be deceived.
A Man reaps exactly what he sows
So what’s ur purpose for eternity?
Will it be for Fellowship or Escape? – SELAH!!



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