What does it mean to live like Christ?
What does it entail to take care of the Lord’s sheep?
Does my life, character, behavior towards people work the way Christ would?
Aside the issues that happens in my life
Do I let these temporal problems take their fair deal in my decision-making?
Or I rather let the WILL and LOVE of GOD dominate
Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, do I stand and say;
“Verily, never will I bow even if my LORD chooses not to save me?”
Even on my death bed, will my last words bring Glory to the LORD?
Does my life and ministry reflect Christ Jesus?
These are the many questions that rung through my mind
On this Sunday morning as I was meditating
“Yea I know, that I am not CHRIST thus can never be HIM
For in doing so I blaspheme
But it’s not about becoming Christ but rather living in fullness like Christ.

Will my faith still hold even if I am to become homeless?
Without a means to earn money leaving me penniless
That even a meal a day is as the passing of a comet
My health failing with friends and family treating me like a tortured criminal under investigation
Will I pause at moment where I have to make the hardest decisions in life?
Just to ask myself this simple Question;
“What will JESUS do?”
As a minister of God, a member of the church
What will the Lord Jesus do in my situation?
Save the church, gather the Father’s flocks no matter what?
Or He’ll continue to let his personal life issues concern HIM so much
That it blinds HIM and eventually lead Him into the vicious trap of the treacherous enemy?
So before you think about anything
Let our answer be simple and clear;
We’ll do what JESUS would have done in our shoes no matter the magnitude of the obstacle

Agreeing together as a family with a committed heart
Walking the path together over our fellow’s back
Being our brother’s keeper feeling each others pain
Our theme simply found in the words WWJD uncollated “What will JESUS do?”
The Bible not just a book in our hands
But our source of strength, CHRIST HIMSELF in text
A light that illuminates the world off its darkness casting no shadow
A light so powerful that passes through the most opaque object as if though it was glass
Leaving nothing hidden under its watch
Our endurance built as hard as the mineral diamond
Not ever cowering back in fear against the vague schemes of the Devil
“For yea thought we walk through the valleys of the shadows of death, we’ll fear no evil…”
…For the most HIGH, The ELOHIM is with us
Not struggling to survive but rather Imitate Christ as HE imitates GOD
Because that is what JESUS will do



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