The Disciple

And therefore Jesus said
Go ye out unto all Nations and make Disciples
He never said that it will be easy
But Assured us verily of one thing;
“I am with you always”
Thus the great commission was established.
The Great Commission??
A High Level A mission assigned unto “special Elite Forces”
Carriers of ailment called “the Gospel”
Infecting the Universe with the disease worse than Ebola
Spreading with the speed of Light
Atomic Explosions causing chain reactions…
Infected preys transformed into vicious predators
But an ant cannot produce honey nor a bee an ant-hill
The Great commission is never fulfilled…..
….Unless Disciples make disciples
For you cannot give what you don’t have.

Jesus Christ, the son of the Living GOD
In 2000 years ago walked upon the face of the earth
His Mission??
Was not just to save the redeem and leave them alone?
NO! Least HIS death ends up worthless
And the blood of cows and sheep rate more than HIS.
For even a clean room still collects dust balls over time
Eventually returning to it’s old state of filth
Thus the natural laws over rules the Spiritual
Entropy law rating above the law of liberty
But rather HIS Mission was to make Disciples;
A generation of Ex’s,Anomalies and Aliens in Culture.
So different yet Christ HIMSELF possessing their souls
A priceless business where our blank sheet souls…
Had Christ; the original work piece imprinted into it
So yes, we can never be like CHRIST but yet we’re like HIM
To do the Father’s will being our sole purpose of Life

Thus the disciple….
A direct replica of CHRIST JESUS on Earth
His ultimate goal not just being in saving the lost
But rather in establishing both lost and found souls
Not moving with his own strength least he fails
For the Enemy never sits back
Relax and play Ripunzel waiting her Prince charming
To come save the day whiles Alarm bells rang loudly;
“Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! ~ Kingdom under attack
But rather throw own every weapon to put his enemy down
Aiming for the power cables that the wire tears-up
Short-circuiting the power and zeal of the ministry.
But rather pressing on against all odds
His source of strength and hope being one;
Christ Jesus; the only begotten son of the father
for he promised “I am with you always”
Thus he press on; coming out stronger after every storm.


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