The Pulse of Life

A force whose existence is often misunderstood
Sarcastically branded with hot coals of torment and pain
His beauty tarnished with tattoo marks of war ,unfairness
Derailed of it’s functionality and objectives
Thus what was more than gold; the most prized jewel
Became worse than the trash in the junkyard
Infested by the fungi and mold built with lies.

Everything was created for a purpose
And life itself is no exception
The Father Himself; “The Elohim”
Directed His breath into a practically dead molded being
As exhaled air of God entered the designed fold of man
Every little portion of this model vibrates with keen excitement that they could remain inactive no more
Clay became flesh and what was once a helpless piece of art became man.
Origin of Life thus traced back to Him[the Creator and King]

Everything was created for a purpose
And Life itself is no exception
But that whose purpose is never known always ends up abused
We treat life like how a toddler treats a model of the latest most exclusive and priceless Smartphone.
Nothing less than just a piece of play material
Used verily and clearly for our selfish gains and mouthwatering lusts…
…Our gluttony knowing no bounds

Life suffers in a torture seat
His breathe choked, faced disfigured and skin ripped apart
Tough His voice is so thin and hardly heard
Yet it cries out weakly with the mouth of conscience
Man was never created to be on His own
Life was never meant to be an equation of figures minus God
We’re being created for fellowship
So in Him alone; The Elohim do we live, move and have our being.

Life is not life without God
Least it turns out as a useless piece of creation; A Total failure
Just like a door is without a locker
A wasted piece of effort
Mathematically equals a multiplication of the number 10 to the power infinity by zero
For the pulse of Life is God
And anything minus Him is Zero; A hopeless case
But man could never reached God no matter how he tried

Therefore the Elohim, took on the form of a man (Christ Jesus)
Laid His Life down on the cross to save our souls
Showing you that your life is worth more than all the glamours of the earth
And We are not our own, beings bought with a price
Yet until Christ Jesus becomes the Lord of your Life
You’ re just another walking dead zombie enslaved to sin
For Jesus is the only way to the Father, the truth and the source of Life.
In Him is Life and without Him is just a lengthy period of Vanity.


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