Alone, alone on an island
That’s alone on the earth
Which is alone in the universe
Through the galaxies

Alone, that’s how critical my situation is
Because aside this nice face that you guys see
Is this pitch of unending blackness
A black hole that just sucks ma all away

Because am locked in this world of matrix
And what I saw and believed was all but a lie
The truth so hidden before my very eyes
That I even thought there was no creator and God

So I figured the was no meaning in life
For man was but a biological machinery
Thus I messed ma life just to please myself
Locked in this false reality that I become [A failure]

Till one day a had a phone call that took me
Took me out this world of deception and pain
It was an invitation to the very presence of God
The very being that I’ve failed to see till now

Taken completely of this make-real world
A Programmed, brainwashed and counterfeit system
Deceitfully woven into the fabrics of reality
Rotten carcasses in disguise

The veil has been lifted
The truth unveiled and the Enemy shamed
The pathway to freedom exposed
Unto all who believe in the Revealed truth


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