As the flowers glimmer
with the appearance of the sun
Birds singing joyfully
Happy with the long awaited end of gloom

Morning appearing and sun rising
The promise of a successful day backed up
With the morning cry of the rooster
Awakening all tom, Dick and Harry

To meet the times that lay ahead
Fuelled with excitement yet less aware
Of what lies ahead except the Creator
The heart is filled with joy

Upon the warmth it receives
So nice that it looks like it’s never gonna end
Its like been trapped in eternity
Yet everyday looks like the last day

It’s like a dream that’s so nice
And comes wishes that it never ends
So my words are “don’t wake me up”
Sake I wish this never ends

For its like being caught in a dimension
Figure I’ll call it loveworld
Seems Pastor Chris is a prophet
All I wanna say is that its nice been around you

And like Bruno Mars I’ll say
“You so amazing just the way you are”
In fact the truth is that you’re the best
I Love you dear


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